Corporate Debt Syndication

We at ValuationIndia have been assisting our clients in Corporate Syndication Process with reasonable terms and conditions, since we possess sound knowledge and deep relations in the process intermediaries. The Various services are:

  • (a.) Project Financing
  • (b.) Debt Syndication
  • (c.) Structured Finance
  • (d.) Loan Against Shares
  • (e.) Credit Syndication
  • (f.) Financial Restructuring
  • (g.) Debt Capital Market and Alternate Capital
  • (h.) Capital Market Services

We at ValuationIndia have been assisting our clients in procuring Project Finance with reasonable terms and conditions, since we possess sound knowledge and deep relations with different banks.

Project appraisal process of Banks:


Who can/should apply for project finance?

Emerging as well as established firms require funds for their new projects. Hence, corporate and individuals consider Project Financing discipline to suffice the requirements. This includes understanding the foundation of project financing, preparation of financial plan, assessment of the risks attached to the project, strategize the financing mix, and raise the funds.

Project finance is a facility acquired or arranged for a particular project for different industries such as a manufacturing, Automobile, Railways, Power Sector, construction, real estate, etc., which is paid back from the cash-flow of that project.

Project finance is a term which used in industrial, long-term infrastructure projects and public services based upon the projected cash flows of the project rather than the balance sheets of its sponsors.

Project finance is a method of raising long-term debt financing for major projects through Financial Engineering, based on lending against the cash flow generated by the project alone. Banks are regularly occupied in projects in different industries such as Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Power and Energy, Infrastructure and Water, Telecommunications, Space and Satellite, Waste disposal and recycling, Mining and Metals, Natural resources, Pulp and paper & Transportation.

Types of Assistance:

• Financial restructuring

• Provide financial guarantee

• Participate in deferred payment guarantee

• Proposal for the financial institution

• Preparation of required documents for finance

Project Cost:

ValuationIndia provides loan for smaller projects and bigger projects in innovative fields and in even rural sectors.

ValuationIndia also arranges finances for projects with loan component of Rs.2Crore and above.

30-40% of the total cost of any project is paid by promoters only. However, in consortium financing it will be decided by the financial institutions.

Project Financing Products are as follows:

ValuationIndia offers an array of products to the target customer segments to meet their

specific financial needs for project financing.

• Short-term Loans (upto 2 years)-

For different short term requirements including bridge loan, Corporate Loan etc.

• Medium-term Loans (more than 2 - 8 years)-

For business expansion, technology up- gradation, R&D expenditure, implementing early retirement scheme, Corporate Loan, supplementing working capital and repaying high cost debt .

• Long-term Loans (more than 8 - 15 years) -

Project Finance for new industrial/ infrastructure projects Takeout Finance, acquisition financing (as per extant RBI guidelines / Board approved policy), Corporate Loan, Securitisation of debt.

• Structured Products:

Acquisition finance, pre-IPO investment, IPO finance, promoter funding, etc.

• Lease Amount Financing

• Takeover of loan and OD/CC accounts from Banks / Financial Institutions / NBFCs

• Financing promoter contribution (private equity participation)/subscription to convertible warrants

Documentation required:

1. Company Profile

2. Detailed Project Report

3. Promoters Profile

4. Financials of the firm for last 3 years

5. Details of existing Loan Facility

For Self Employed (Private Ltd. Co. and Partnership Firms)

• PAN Card

• Address Proof (Ration card Tel/ Electricity Bill/ Lease agreement/ Passport/Trade license /Sales Tax certificate)

• Bank Statement (latest 6 months bank)

• Last 2 Years ITRs (computation of income) Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss a/c Audited or Certified by a CA

• Proof of continuation (ITR/ Trade license /Establishment /Sales Tax certificate

• Sole Proprietor Declaration or Certified Copy of Partnership Deed, Certified true copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association & Board resolution (Original)

• Certificate & Proof of business existence along with Business Profile

• Photocopy of Title Documents of the Property, Approved Plan etc.

Debt syndication is an arrangement made between two or more banks/financial institutions to provide the borrower a credit facility using common debt documents.

We assist corporates to leverage on debt as an instrument to raise capital through structured financial products for various requirements including projects, expansions, working capital and in structuring and syndicating funds for acquisitions. Debt Syndication incorporates funding activities for diverse business requirements of corporations. We assist corporates to leverage on debt as an instrument to raise short-term and long-term capital through structured financial products. This could be for various requirements including expansions, working capital and also for structuring and syndicating funds for acquisitions.

When debt is syndicated, other organizations that may support share the payment of an investment might be investment companies. Nonetheless, securities companies, insurance firms, credit score unions, or single buyers could all share a section of the chance and improve money for a mortgage.


We deal with SMEs, mid-corporate and large corporate clients, and aims to provide

customised financing solutions to meet their working capital and growth finance needs.

We understand that businesses depend on efficient utilization of funds and a lot depends on a well- organised fund flow system to keep businesses running.

ValuationIndia is one of the prominent company in the debt syndication market in India with strong relationships with financial institutions, banks and NBFCs, mutual funds and insurance companies both in India and globally.

We offer assistance in the areas of project finance, working capital, acquisition finance and cross-border projects funding. Our expertise spans raising debt financing both in domestic and international markets, with cross-border experience.

We offer the following services to clients in raising debt –

• Corporate Loans

• Working Capital Loans

• Term Loans

• Mezzanine Funding

• Factoring Bill Discounting

• Structured Finance/Securitization

• Foreign Currency Funding

• Asset Backed Financing

• Unsecured Lending

• Subsidiary Funding

Why Choose ValuationIndia

• Experienced professionals having 29+ years of experience in advising and serving clients in debt syndication and structured corporate finance

• Expertise in arranging debt at competitive rates

• Thorough understanding of the debt syndication process

• Sound understanding of requirement of lenders

• Comprehensive knowledge of lending norms

• Experience in cross-border transactions

ValuationIndia is a trusted name in structured funding, structured settlement & fundraising company. We provide concrete and innovative funding solutions structured to meet exact client desires.

With our well recognized formal networks and relationships, we have access to many local and overseas finance sources.

How We Help You

We offer an inclusive range of services for business funding, debt syndication and structured funding. ValuationIndia is able to complete your mission of delivering progressive resolutions by drawing our strength and involvement from a nationwide practice. ValuationIndia will be there for you before, for the period of and after the settlement procedure. With all inputs like:

• Discussion on applicable tax, insurance and clearance issues.

• Obtainability, during and after business hours with the proficient qualified team individual comprehensive meeting.

• We leverage our vast setup with investors across the globe as well as Indian and foreign banks, local funds, NBFCs, multilateral institutions, private equity and real estate funds to provide financing solutions, structured funding, and Debt syndication.

• Our unique network of financial associates means we can get you more fund, faster than our competitors.

We have ability developed to finance and execute the projects in different sectors, particularly:-

• Power

• Transmission, Generation and Distribution

• All renewable energy projects

• LED retro projects for states and central government.

• Solar Projects

• Infrastructure

• Hospitals

• Hotels

• Residential (selective with conditions)

• Schools / Colleges

• Any other projects

• For Government (Central or State)

• Metros

• Smart Cities

• Dams / Roads / Bridges

• Any other projects (PPP)


• Transport Solutions & Automation

• Traffic Management Solutions

• Education modernization

• Secured Communication

Other than these sectors where expertise has been developed, ValuationIndia is open for financing any project if the security and repayment capacity with strong owner can be showcased.

The long term attractiveness and growth in the Indian equity markets has paved the way for popularisation of loans against securities, which are increasingly being used to meet short term fund requirements.

At ValuationIndia, we offer loans against select listed as well as unlisted securities. Securities could range from shares to mutual funds or bonds, among others. Customers could leverage their investments to meet unforeseen expenses or finance unexpected opportunities.

We offer loans to enable our customers to meet contingencies, personal needs or even capture a business or market opportunity.

ValuationIndia Finance has a very robust credit syndication practice and over the years has raised financial resources for its clients from Public and Private Sector Banks as well as Financial Institutions. At ValuationIndia Finance, we understand the value of funds in executing new projects or running on-going operations. Accordingly, we take it upon ourselves to provide the best services to our clients from the stages of understanding the viability of the project to advising clients on options of funding

We listen to and understand the requirements of our clients and structure financial solutions based on an evaluation of their financial statements, future plans, industry evaluation, regulatory framework and economic realities. We assist our clients in the following:

• Critical evaluation of and structuring short, medium and/or long term financial requirements

• Assistance in preparing financial plans as well as identification of size and type of funding

• Representing before Banks and Financial Institutions, Indian as well as International, to arrange financial closure of long term, medium term or short term debt

• Representing before Banks and Financial Institutions, Indian as well as International, to arrange financial closure of long term, medium term or short term debt

• Facilitating our clients in arranging Working Capital limits from banks and financial institutions in the form of fund and non-fund based facilities

• Evaluating the opportunities of structured financial products such as Loan against property, Loan against shares, Securitisation of Receivables, Factoring & Forfaiting etc.

• Advising and structuring Infrastructure Term Financing and Project Financing

• Arranging lease and Hire Purchase Financing

• Placement of Non-Convertible Debentures, Corporate Bonds, Redeemable Preference Shares and Commercial Paper with Investment Institutions, Banks, Mutual Funds, FIIs, Insurance Companies and other investors.

Companies and economies at times are hit with a downturn which causes financial stress on businesses. Businesses are faced by issues such as being over-leveraged, having cash pressure or liquidity shortfall or an actual or potential breach of debt covenant due to regulatory changes or macro-economic environment. It often becomes difficult for companies to honour its financial commitments to lenders and requires restructuring of its finances.

ValuationIndia Finance is experienced in assisting providing financial restructuring solutions to companies and businesses. We assist companies in analysing their financial position and solvency with the objective of representing to banks, financial institutions, asset reconstruction companies and other stakeholders. Our endeavour shall be to reduce and renegotiate debt terms in order to streamline liquidity in sync with the financial strength of the company, restore liquidity and rehabilitate the company so that business operate as usual.

In this day and age, as we progress towards tougher business environments and violent Bank reactions to a slight turmoil in the business markets due to natural economic business cycles; we have trained our sights onto the Alternate Capital Markets. Through our extensive range of alternate debt capital options, we aim to reinvent businesses, allowing speedy execution of strategies and better efficiencies. Our team of experts helps clients select the right form of debt financing that fits their business type and needs. We thoroughly evaluate the business model of our clients, offering unparalleled solutions and assist clients from day one with complete Hands on Approach.

Financing solutions that we can offer range from:-

• Leveraged Finance

• Mezzanine Finance

• Restructuring and Recapitalization

• Refinance

• Structured Finance


• Masala Bonds

• Offshore Bonds

• Promoter Funding

Another area where our core expertise lies is in structuring, pricing and distribution of senior debt transactions and also managing loan underwriting risks. Our experts work in close co-ordination with our clients including, domestic and international corporations and financial sponsors to devise unique solutions for corporate and project finance transactions.

Our cross-border financial solutions are backed by an extensive coverage of the loan market and access to a strong network of global investors. We also help our clients maximize profitability and manage their loan portfolio risks through our vast global lenders network.

As front-runners in advising clients through innovative structuring, our strengths include deep industry insights and experience, expertise in transaction structuring, a grasp of the regulatory environment and an understanding of market dynamics.

We have advised and helped some of India’s top business houses, corporates, new and next generation entrepreneurs, marquee institutions, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), and banks to mobilise capital from investors overseas across the world.

ValuationIndia, is a Merchant Banker, offers its specialized services, capital market insights and business knowledge with the perspective of stakeholder value creation. ValuationIndia assists companies in sourcing right equity capital resources from the markets. We provide guidance and advice in complying with legal requirements required in capital market transactions, arriving at an optimal value for the transaction, positioning our clients effectively in the market and marketing and representing them before investors.

Our Investment Banking Team actively involves itself in the Public Issue Syndication, Issue Management by acting at Book Runners and Lead Managers to Issues, as well as advice and execute Post Issue Formalities.

Our Capital Market Services team is equipped in executing transactions such as,

Initial Public Offer (IPO)

Act at Book Running Lead Managers for companies and enable companies to raise capital from Primary Markets and list on the Securities Markets.

Follow On Public Offer

Act as Book Running Lead Managers for listed companies and enable them to raise equity capital from the Capital Markets.

Rights Issue

Provide advice and assist listed companies to bring out Rights issues and help them raise resources from their existing investors/shareholders in the capital markets.

Pre IPO Placement

ValuationIndia addresses the need of companies entering the primary market to raise resources and commitments before the IPO and act as a syndicator to raise Pre-IPO resources

Qualified Institutional Placement

Assist companies raise equity resources from secondary markets through Qualified Institutions Buyers (QIBs)

Delisting of Securities

Act as a Lead Manager to companies to enable them to achieve the objective of Buy Back of equity capital as well as assist in Delisting from Stock Exchanges

Open Offer and Takeover

ValuationIndia has a robust understanding of the Takeover Law in India and has assisted several companies and promoters in the process of Takeover. It has acted as the Lead Manager to numerous Open Offers in India

Convertible Issuances

ValuationIndia assists companies in raising convertible debt from capital markets in the form of FCCBs etc. and assist in listing of such securities.

American/Global Depository Receipts (ADR/GDR) and Alternate Investment Markets

Assist companies’ equity raise capital through the issuance of ADRs/GDRs as well as enable Listing on Foreign Stock Exchanges.

With the rapid increase in investment activities in India, stock markets are seen favourable for both raising capital and making money.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

It refers to the first time a company publicly sells shares of its stock on the open market. The proceeds from the sale of stock shares in an initial public offering provide the issuing company with capital. A primary market is one that issues new securities on an exchange. The primary markets are where investors can get first crack at a new security issuance. The issuing company offers its equity to investors or groups and receives proceeds from the sale, which is then used to fund operations or expand the business.

It is the largest source of funds with long or indefinite maturity for the company.

For a company, the capital earned from selling its shares to the public act can act as a major boost the business' growth, making the idea of an initial public offering attractive.

Qualified institutional placement,

Money is raised by issuing securities such as equity shares by the issuing company only to QIBs i.e. Qualified Institutional Buyers. Naturally then the company doing a QIP must already have its shares listed on a stock exchange. Basically under QIP the equity shares are offered for subscription to Institutional Investors called as Qualified Institutional Bidders (QIB) & since the public at large are not involved, it requires minimum regulatory compliance & thus it is much faster than an FPO. QIPs help Indian companies raise capital in India, and in turn they help make Indian markets more competitive and efficient.

They have been around since about 2006; before that, Indian companies often tapped foreign markets via American depository receipts (ADRs) for capital. QIP was introduced to encourage Indian companies to raise funds domestically and also to prevent the undesirable export of the domestic equity market as a result of International financing. Intensive have an excellent relationship with the Indian Institutional Investors & hence has substantial strength & expertise to help its clients raise money through the QIP route.

ValuationIndia has been in phase to get itself registered with SEBI as Category - I Merchant bankers, has always worked very hard to serve their clientele in the best possible manner. As front-running BRLMS we have successfully managed many Public Offers and have helped clients raise money through capital markets through innovative structuring. Our strengths include deep industry insights and experience, a grasp of the regulatory environment and an understanding of market dynamics, which further helps us to serve you better.


In India, while the equity markets have been established and functioning fully since many years, the debt capital markets are poised on the threshold of growth and expansion. Increased awareness, regulatory changes and marketability of debt instruments are some of the key contributors to the escalation of the debt markets in India. Investment in debt instruments add steady interest revenues to the portfolio of an investor and also reduce the volatility in the investment portfolio.

A public issue of debt securities or bonds means that a company gives an opportunity to the public, institutions and investors to subscribe to the debt securities or bonds issued by them. The investors not only have the advantage of interest revenue for the portion of debt securities or bonds held by them but as these debt securities or bonds are listed on a recognised stock exchange in India, they have the advantage to trade in these debt securities or bonds as well. A public issue of debt securities or bonds is a safe and cost effective manner of raising funds by companies. They also have a definite period or term and can be redeemed after the end of the term.

ValuationIndia, as a SEBI registered Merchant Banker is licensed to assist companies issue debt securities or bonds to the public through a Public Issue of Debt Securities.

ValuationIndia assists companies in the following:

• Structure the issuance of debt securities.

• Coordinate with other appointed agencies such as lawyers, company secretaries and such other consultants in the preparation of the offer document for the public issue of debt securities and ensuring the offer document is prepared in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.

• Assist the company in identifying the correct security to be offered for the public issuance of debt securities, appointment of a debenture trustee and assistance with the security creation.


• Coordinate with regulatory agencies such as the SEBI, stock exchange and registrar to assist the company file the offer document. Identifying the right target market and investor base and market the issuance of the debt securities.

• Assist the company comply with the post issue requirements of the public issue of debt securities.