Distress Asset Resolution

Several Indian companies were affected by the global financial crisis resulting in assets being in distress. With viable restructuring, refinancing, these assets can be revived and successfully turned around. Our business philosophy is best encapsulated as 'Resolve, Reconstruct and Revive' with a firm belief that not all Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) are bad assets, as far as possible, we work towards revival and turnaround. We take an ‘Active Partner’ approach to resolution of acquired NPAs.

This is done through:

(a.) Helping Organizations in Acquisition of majority stake in debt to have influence on restructuring and/or enforcement.

(b.)Providing revival capital and financial and provide necessary support for restart, viz. Capex and/or Opex.

(c.) Handholding of company through the revival phase.

(d.)Leveraging our organizations local & global reach and financial expertise.

We perform all the above with the help of following basic roles of execution:

1. Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC):

We have tie ups with all Asset Reconstruction Companies in India. Focused on resolving large assets by financing last-mile capital requirements and providing turnaround support. Relationship with over all banks/financial institutions.

2. Equity Funds:

Helping organizations in Raising and Investing various funds for various fund houses.

3. Turnaround Management:

We have strong operations and turnaround capability and have In-house Advisory Board comprising experts from steel, power, infrastructure, manufacturing, logistics etc. ValuationIndia is a Resolution Agency, managing Non-Performing Asset Portfolios of Banks and Financial Institutions. With an aim to provide a structured platform to the Banking sector to manage its mounting NPA stock and keep pace with international financial institutions, the Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest (SARFAESI) Act was put in place in the year 2002 to allow banks and FIs to take possession of securities and realize outstanding dues.

• ValuationIndia has been providing advisory services to Banks and Financial Institutions since the inception of the SARFAESI Act in order to unlock the value in NPAs, be it residential, commercial or industrial. As part of its endeavours, ValuationIndia carries out effective strategies for recovery of Bad Loans, and in the process carries our Due Diligence of NPA Accounts, enforcement of assets under Law, Arranging for Sale of Assets or eventual settlement to effect Final Recovery of advances on behalf of Banks and Financial Institutions. ValuationIndia is a growing Investment Bank, with an intention to make ourselves SEBI registered Category I Merchant Bank and ISO Certified 9001:2015 Company offering services like Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, Debt Solutions, Structured Finance, Capital Market Solutions, Valuations, TEV Studies, Corporate Advisory, Enterprise Risk and Tax Services. 

Our team members act as product and industry specialists with deep domain knowledge and research driven approach. We have a full-service domestic Indian platform which offers scale and depth of operations across business lines, global governance standards, and best-in-class product sophistication.

We have pan India presence with offices in Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, Jaipur and overseas presence in Dubai.

We deal in

Interim Finance, Acquisition Funding, One Time Settlement (OTS) Funding etc. ValuationIndia with more than decades of experience has been able to execute difficult and complex debt and equity transactions of financially distressed entities from investors, special situation funds and NBFCs etc. Our team including Ex Bankers actively advises Corporate Stakeholder’s on mandates like navigating bankruptcies, Interim finance, acquisition funding, one time settlement, debt restructurings etc. Our deep domain knowledge and research driven approach enriched with experience enables us result oriented representation to prospective investors. Our team is also actively providing distress assets funding services to financially distressed entities under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016

Internal and External Re-organization

ValuationIndia offers leadership in difficult and complex situations to resolve, execute and ultimately transform the outcome. Our value proposition is in our technical strength in understanding the customer requirements precisely and delivering to their needs and satisfaction. Our team specializes in formulating the Revival and Resolution Plans on behalf of the stakeholders like Financial Institutions, Shareholder’s and Promoters of the corporate entities. -Our team is also assisting Resolution Applicants in providing advisory services for takeover of financially distressed entities that are outside or under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016.

Preparation and Vetting of Resolution Plan or Revival Plan (Pre NCLT and During NCLT) -ValuationIndia with more than decades of experience has been able to execute more than 500 Techno - Economic Viability Study (TEVS) including restructuring assignments across sectors of a project encompasses the evaluation of a project for evaluating the technical and financial information about the project, with relevant data about its technological feasibility and economic viability, into one or a few criteria on the basis of which the project is recommended for selection, modification or rejection.

No project can be absolutely risk free and hence the analysis of the degree of technical risk and associated financial viability, through a Techno-Economic Viability Study (TEVS) evaluation is to assist lenders to take a view on the acceptability of the degree of risk involved in a project.

A TEV study takes into account an analysis of technological risk, market risk, regulatory risk, financial risk, etc. A critical evaluation of these parameters is essential for a meaningful TEV study. Resurgent with the right skill sets assists Banks, financial institutions and Resolution applicants to assess the bankability of the Resolution Plans or Revival Plans

ValuationIndia through its network of firms provide Transaction & Forensic Audit Services to Banks and Financial institutions and other stakeholder’s of the corporate entity. Our Team possesses deep technical and industry-specific experience, across a wide variety of sectors and disciplines. In addition to team of Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Cost Accountants, Advocates and forensic accountants, our multidisciplinary team includes forensic technology professionals and financial analysts. 

Valuation Services

ValuationIndia have experts who have mastered the art of Business valuation with an in-depth experience in different techniques and strategies. Being SEBI Registered Category I Merchant Bank and certified company under ISO 9001:2008, Resurgent provides Business Valuations, Valuations for Stock Incentive Plans, Intellectual property and Rights valuations, Other regulatory and Voluntary valuations.


ValuationIndia though its registered valuers under Insolvency and Bankruptcy code 2016 provides valuation services under the category of Asset Class (i) Plant and Machinery (ii) Land and Building (iii) Securities and Financial Assets  


Process Advisory Services

ValuationIndia with its more than decades of experience and active participation in various leading industry bodies in India like Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry as knowledge partners, strong relationship with Corporates having presence in India and outside India, Fund Houses, ARC’s, NBFC’s provides Process advisory services under IBC 2016 as under:

1. Preparation of Evaluation Matrix during CIR Process under IBC 2016

2. Identification of right mix of Resolution Applicants during CIR Process under IBC 2016

3. Preparation and Vetting of Resolution Plans of Resolution Applicants during CIR Process under IBC 2016

Turnaround Management

ValuationIndia offers leadership in difficult and complex business transformation solutions and address the full spectrum of restructuring and insolvency. Turnaround Management is about business restructure and renewal. Our Team handles financial, operational, post-acquisition integration and transactional risks.

help understand how turnaround management works, below is an outline of the 5 step process involved:

1. Definition of performance problems within the business

2. SWOT analysis of the business 

3. Preparation of Strategic plan and develop an action plan for implementation

4. Implementation of the action plan with participation of employees for overall vision for

the business

5. Regular reviews for continual improvement

ValuationIndia through its Insolvency Professional Entity (IPE)

It has tie ups with professionals and they provide all above services as per their experience and knowledge.ValuationIndia brings along support of Senior Ex-Bankers along with a team of 100+ professionals comprising of CA, CS, ICWA, MBA, Advocates, Engineers, sector experts having vast experience and knowledge, in business & banking industry which brings value to the resolution of a distressed company.

Services Offered by ValuationIndia in field of IPE:

Interim Resolution Professional (IRP)

Resolution Professional (RP)

Liquidator under Section-35 of IBC, 2016

Liquidator under Voluntary Liquidation

Authorized Representative for Class of Creditors in Committee of Creditors (CoC) ValuationIndia has state of the art offices equipped with all modern facilities with pan India presence in Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, Jaipur and overseas presence in Dubai.

With a strong network of Investor & Funds, we are looking forward for a close association with your esteemed Institution in providing resolutions to the distressed assets.