The story of Raise MoneyTM

When we set up, many thought it was too competitive a space with many large players ruling the roost; as a result, I received very little by way of encouragement; One year at the outside, the forecast started changing. So I am glad to tell you that we have created history and the next big leap we are taking into the world of fin-tech-frontiers under the Brand Name of “Raise Money TM ”.

Given the fragmented nature of our industry-with multiple touch points for multiple financial needs-there were always bound to be personal advisor biases creeping in and, therefore, advise that would more often than not, work at cross-purposes to each other. This wasn't actually good news for project owners as they wanted a solution that they could rely upon . But with a comfortable, age-old relationship going between advisor and project owners , breaking the nexus was a challenge. But we did it by creating stinct of success in our minds.

Having done that, we wanted to do more! We wanted to offer our clients high ended services so that thay can rely on us Blind-Folded.

So we created a module in name of Raise Money TM , where by the project owner will required to just explain his idea and all other formalities will be done by our team. We gave you minutiae you never had access to before. The idea behind this was nothing but transparency-and peace of mind. We made it easy for project owners to start new business.

For the first-time project owners, we offered the option of getting in touch with our advisors on the telephone, email or even a live web chat or personally. For those of us to whom touch and feel is important we plan to have on-ground advisors in select metros so that an anxious mind can be put at ease by talking face-to-face with a human being!

With all of the above and with lots more to come in due time, I am convinced that we have been able to close the gaps that exist in the entire Investment Banking domain. We wanted to clear out the unnecessary clutter that forms such a big part of advisory today and most of all, we wanted to give you the freedom to start a business as easy as railway ticket booking.

We are very proud of what we have been able to create.

As we progress further on this wonderful journey to make your financial life simple, we hope that you will continue to support us, as you have over the last years.

It has been an absolute pleasure knowing you; for the rest we look forward to meeting you soon introducing you the wonderful world of financial services that we have created.

I always welcome you all writing in to me with your feedback, criticism and suggestions - all helping to improve us.